Sunday, 17 April 2011

White shawl finished

"Crown Prince" shawl no 2
Originally uploaded by Asplund
Of the shawls I've made since I first tried lace knitting some five years ago this is the one I like best, almost so much I want to wear it myself!

If I had only known earlier how much fun it is to make shawls I would have given it a try long before. I do like the challenge of making sweaters, joining the different parts into a unity, but it is also nice not having any seaming to do, very few loose ends to take care of and no real worries about size.

I think the "Cyprus" border from Victorian Lace Today turned out very nice after blocking. As mentioned in a previous post I changed it from garter to stocking stitch.

Comments on my previous post made me smile and laugh, not least christinelaennec's suggestion the curtains had morphed to match my sweater :-D Thanks, everyone!


RodPrjónar said...

Amazing! (just as usual, hehe)
I have become a shawl addict!
And I totally get your feeling about wanting to wear them but I keep trying to convince myself that it would look maybe a bit too weird! ;)
How big is it?

Anonymous said...

The shawl is gorgeous. And why shouldn't you wear it? I imagine it would make you feel wonderful having such a beautiful creation around your shoulders on a chilly evening. We've all seen pictures of priests and bishops in lovely lace. And the name suggests it is made for a Prince.

Asplund said...

Rod: yes, I thought you were a shawlcoholic too! (A word I didn't coin but picked up from a Swedish knitting blog, "Stick å brinn".)

The shawl is BIG: the middle star section (border included) is 110 cm or 43 in high, and at the widest point it measures 150 cm or 59 in.

Ron: Thanks for the suggestions - and for your kind words! (But I'm not sure which I feel less like, a bishop or a prince! I used to smoke a brand of cigarettes called Prince, though.)

herr avig / mr purl said...

Den är så vacker, och du har sådan uthållighet i dina projekt.

Jag bugar!

Danièle said...

This shawl is beautiful, congratulations. I dream over for a long time and I dare not do it because I'm a little scared!
again congratulations.
this blog is very interesting.