Thursday 4 June 2009


Rosa sjal
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Approaching the bottom edge I thought it was high time to change pattern shapes. Actually, my intention was to do that long before, but I rather liked the ones I'd come up with first and decided to let them be the main pattern.

For contrast I drew new shapes on graph paper, one of which I have knitted now. It consists of big holes arranged in an elliptical shape around a centre hole. The width of the shape is based on the width of the repeats in the main pattern for cohesion.

I'm not quite sure whether I like it enough to keep it, so I've got to take a break from this project, maybe draw some alternative shapes, and return to it in in a few days. Does it look like hortensias or sponges, I keep asking myself. Measles or mumps? The beauty or the beast – or perhaps their offspring?