Sunday 15 November 2009

Fair Isle jacket: back and front done

WIP: Fair isle jacket
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Top left: the armhole is slightly shaped. There could be more decreases, but I want the pattern to end in the middle of the big X on each side: I like symmetry, and there's already so much going on in this garment that I believe it's important the "frame" of it is right (so you don't notice it).

Top right: steek stitches secured with a crochet hook. I'm not completely sure where I got this idea from, but am fairly certain it was En till who told me about it. Thank you!

Bottom left: front shaping of neck. I knitted back and forth using wrap-and-turn short rows. The back of the neck is shaped too and about half as deep. Purling with two colours isn't my favourite hobby, but I do it as fast as possible to have it over and done with.

Bottom right: removing provisional cast-on stitches. I like putting all the stitches on the needle first, so I don't drop them or accidentally pull the wrong yarn.

Before I can move on there are quite a few decisions to make. Most important, how to join the shoulders: grafting, casting off together or knitting a saddle. I like the saddle idea best, but that involves more decisions: how wide, what colour(s), a pattern... Perhaps light brown background with yellow and beige squares.

I have to work with something completely different to let my brain work with the jacket project without my noticing it. There's enough yarn from other projects to make a hat. This is also Shetlandsuld, but how different it turns out in dark grey and white stripes!


Anonymous said...

Your jacket is coming along so nicely. I, too, hate to purl Fair Isle. I am working on a V neck, raglan, cardigan right now. I am still admiring your choice of colours for this project. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the shoulders. Of course, the hat is beautiful. Is this a typical Swedish design for a hat?
Ron in Mexico

MaryjoO said...

steeking .... wow. One day I'll have to try it myself. Lovely symmetry of all the pieces .... great hat! I need to find a pattern for that!

Yarndude said...

I can't believe how quickly you're knitting the sweater, I'm in awe!

Asplund said...

Thank you, all!

Ron: I don't think you can say the hat is typically Swedish, except you often see "clean" and natural colours and patterns here. Come to think of it, that would actually make it a typically Swedish hat, adds King of Contradictions.

MaryjoO: do try steeking! The satisfaction when you see all the threads you don't have to take care of and when you think about all the rows you didn't have to purl...

Yarndude: can't really believe it myself, and I must admit I'm suffering from Fair Isle Fatigue right now. Not for long, I'm sure!

Sanna T Sköld said...

Love the colours!!!

Lars said...

I picked up the idea for using a crochet hook to stabilize the steeks from Jared at Brooklyn tweed, he referred to an article by Eunny Jang. I've never steeked any other way, why try something different when this method works so well?
As for color work and purling...I don't purl, I knit "backwards so I can see the colors and pattern while I'm working.
The jacket is coming along beautifully!

Asplund said...

Tack, Sanna!

Lars: I agree, it really works well! And thanks for mentioning Eunny Jang - that made me certain it was "En till" who told me about this method, because I remember her mentioning Jang too during that conversation!

Pinneguri said...

Knitting back and forth with colours ... You ARE a superhero with the needles :)
It so beautiful, and the colours are working so amazingly well together.