Sunday 26 June 2011

Asplund in Wonderland

Inspiration by Asplund
Inspiration, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
First of all, thanks for comments on my previous post! Annie: the party did involve 18th century food. There was a buffet, and what I liked best was a dish consisting of green peas and crayfish. Kyle: it certainly was a lot of fun -hope you get an opportunity to try something similar - and it actually made it even more enjoyable that you didn't have to worry about making mistakes. It was all about having fun in a different setting. Especially dancing looked like so much fun I think I'll have to take a course and try to learn it.

Annegret: They did knit in those days, but not much has survived. Now my ambition is to try to knit something inspired by these stockings from a monument in a church in Italy, where I headed the day after the last day at work before the summer holidays. I don't like knitting socks, but this is a kind of challenge I think could be fun.

Fluffbuff:  I don't know if societies like this are especially common here -  but I'm fairly certain the Medieveal happenings are far more popular than the 18th century. And thanks for your advice about what to see and to in Emilia-Romagna!

During a day trip to Ravenna I came across a lovely yarn shop between various mosaics sites. There is nothing I could write about the mosaics that wouldn't be banal, so I'm simpy going to say that I left Ravenna with a mind full of beauty and with a shimmering hank of merino-silk-cashmere yarn in my bag.

That day I felt like Alice in Wonderland walking from one unbelievable site to another and another and so on plus stumbling across yarn that practically had a label "KNIT ME" attached to it.
Ponte di Tiberio, Rimini

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Having fun without knitting

is actually possible! This is how you do it:
You make friends with some members of a group devoted to the late 18th century.

They invite you to a wonderful party in an astonishingly beautiful setting.

They even lend you appropriate clothes.

Drottningholm Palace Theatre by Asplund

Next day you go to Drottingholm Palace Theatre to enjoy Così fan tutte.
On your way home fellow passengers on buses and subway seem to enjoy the sight of you.

But of course you manage to cram in some knitting during the weekend too.
I've cut the "Moorish" steeks and done the shoulder joins with neck gussets,
something I learnt from Alice Starmore's Fishermen's Sweaters.


Thursday 2 June 2011

More matching

More matching
Remember when I discovered I matched the curtains at work not too long ago? (Blog post here.) Well, I've just spotted a future possibility to match a silk-screen print at home! What next? Knitting a pair of green striped trousers to match the sofa, perhaps?

Thanks for lovely comments on my previous post! I'm so childish it makes me especially happy to read positive words about Siri Derkert: her art means so much to me I almost take praise for her personally!

WonderMike: yes, it would be wonderful living closer to you. But why don't you come up and see me some time? ;-)

Rod: ha ha - well, I actually gained 12 kilos (26½ pounds) but have lost half of it, not planning to lose any more.

Ann: thanks! Well, the difference in gauge makes quite a difference. I use 3 mm needles (US 2½) for both projects, but in this one I get 22 stitches/10 cm (4 in) and 37 in the twined project!

Edited to add: better photo of the print here. Thanks Annie for pointing it out!