Saturday, 14 February 2015

Test tubes

My twined group at HV have been knitting test tubes, and I borrowed a few of them today to take some photos. True, they may not be overwhelmingly wearable, but they're useful. Casting on is rather time-consuming, and it's convenient having several varieties of gussets etc collected in the same swatch. They all look different anyway, since everyone puts their personal stamp on them choosing favourite colours and testing different pattern ideas. Next step is designing mittens!

Twined coelacanths?
Min tvåändsstickninggrupp har fått sticka provrör - visst liknar de kvastfeningar? - eftersom det är praktiskt att ha olika varianter av kilar och hoptagningar samlade i ett och samma prov, och så tar det ganska lång tid att lägga upp. De blir olika i alla fall, eftersom det är en stickteknisk uppgift där färg inte spelar någon roll, och så finns det gott om utrymme att testa olika mönsteridéer.  Vantar nästa!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Minor modifications

Hanne Falkenberg's Studio Long is finished and instantly became my favorite sweater - it's incredibly comfortable! I'd probably sleep in it if it was colder, but on the other hand I'm happy under my woollen (of course!) duvet. A friend of mine is allergic to wool, poor guy, while I'd be more likely to suffer from wool withdrawal. (Minimal risk. Too hot to wear it? Knit it!)
Wool galore: not at home but feels like home

As I mentioned in my previous post, Falkenberg's design doesn't call for modifications. Her constructions would make modifications difficult anyway - and it's exciting following her instructions. However, I did two things slightly differently in terms of joining.

side seam

One of Hanne Falkenberg's glorious trademarks is minimal sewing; for this sweater you only need to sew the side seams. As you can see, my sweater required even less sewing since I wanted more ease of movement and left one third open. And didn't mind less sewing one bit.

sleeve join

Typically, she chooses the three-needle bind-off technique for joins, for example under the sleeves. I decided to do it from the right side for decoration - and because I preferred it to the way my first joins slightly folded inwards. Sorry there's no photo to compare. I was too eager to redo it to get my camera, which must have been at least five metres away. I'm sure you understand. Instead, I've got an in-progress-photo to give you an idea of the construction of the sleeves:


Last, a photo of my dear grandparents in the 1930s - for no particular reason except it makes me happy to look at. 

Ann-Marie & Gösta Asplund