Monday 25 May 2015

A sleeve detour

What counts as the birth of a project, the immaculate conception (needles meet wool) or cutting the last string? Well, in this particular case it's practically the same date, 24 or 25 May, which I discovered when I updated the Ravelry project page.

Four years ago I cast on to knit a sweater based on a vest design (Ravelry link) by Kim Hargreaves. I had done that once before and this time I wanted to make some minor colour and pattern modifications. I wasn't happy with the sleeve caps I first knitted (blog post here) and then I wasn't happy with the new sleeves either - and so I simply left it until yesterday.

I have no idea what triggered me all of a sudden in the afternoon, but I dug it out, got the scissors, then tried it on just to make sure I wouldn't regret it (no way!) and performed an amputation of the sleeves to turn it into a vest. Yes, the original garment.