Tuesday 13 February 2018

Still alive and knitting

Well, I knew there wouldn't be much time left for blogging the past couple of years, but I'm still around. My book was published in October, which was a quite a relief - I did manage! Not that I would have without my fabulous team at Bonnier Fakta, of course.

photo by Cecilia Levy (@cecilia_levy on Instagram)

I'm not tired of knitting, on the contrary - and not even cables - so there are projects I could have written blog posts about. However, I must admit I was tired of writing about knitting, which is the main reason my blog has been hibernating. If anyone's interested, I'm far more active on Instagram these days: @asplundknits. I do enjoy writing, though!

The last few months I've been indulging myself in non-cable projects. Speaking of hibernating, when I started working on the book I knew I had to hide Alice Starmore's "Mary Tudor" so well there would be no risk I'd find it by mistake. What a party once I could allow myself to excavate it! Nearly done now, only one front band left to knit, but right now I can't find the yarn! It will probably turn up when I look for something else - and hopefully, the cardigan itself won't be lost by then...

And I've decided to knit a twined sweater. No deadline, pure luxury!

Inte har jag slutat sticka, men bokprojektet gjorde mig allt lite dränerad på energi att skriva om stickning - trots att jag gillar att skriva. Det finns alltså stickningar att skriva om, för sedan boken kom ut har jag varit på grönbete! Alice Starmores "Mary Tudor" hade jag redan påbörjat när arbetet med boken drog igång, och då var det bara att gömma projektet där jag inte skulle kunna råka hitta det. Perfekt att ha den påbörjad när jag hade tid att ta mig an den igen! Och så har jag inte kunnat låta bli att lägga upp till en tvåändsstickad tröja.