Monday 26 May 2014

A dream come true

Handarbetets Vänner
Teaching knitting at HV has been my secret dream for a few years, but there's no point in keeping it a secret anymore: I will be teaching twined knitting here seven weekends starting in September! Actually, I got the news in early April, but have been too excited to dare believe it's really going to happen, let alone write a post. I enjoy teaching all sorts of techniques, but nothing quite like twined knitting, so it's difficult to express what an honour and a privilege this is. My standard twined workshop for beginners is some 7 hours long - and now there are no less than 80 delightful hours to fill in all, so I'm happily planning and swatching.

In a comment on my previous post Carolina asked whether I was dyeing something in the pot. No, just washing the shawl before blocking it. (Dyeing wool would be fun, but I'd worry about ruining the wool.) Here's what the shawl looks like when it's worn; Karin (who owns Litet nystan) was kind enough to be my model.

Landing or taking off?

Friday 16 May 2014

The chef

Would you believe it, there's an article about my knitting in a Japanese knitting magazine! Not that I know for certain it's really about my knitting; I'll have to ask one of my Japanese knitter friends to read the text and tell me what it says. Well, it's hardly about cooking or exercising.

Speaking of cooking, here's a kitchen situation where I feel completely comfortable and in control:
Basic recipe:
  • Cook gently in lukewarm water. 
  • Stir, don't shake.
  • Don't rinse before but several times after it's done.

Ta-da! And not a single calorie to burn.