Thursday, 7 April 2011

Jaws: the return

"Jaws" sleeve
Originally uploaded by Asplund
Having several projects at a time suits me!

My "Jaws" sweater has been resting for a few weeks; I couldn't make up my mind about the cuffs and therefore started knitting the white shawl I had been thinking about while knitting "Jaws".

It's the other way around now: I'm not sure how to frame the white shawl yet, but had made up my mind about the sweater cuffs while knitting the main part of the shawl. When the sweater is finished I will hopefully know how to finish the shawl.

If not, I could always start something new!

There are a few dangling ends to weave in before washing and blocking the sweater, but it is practically done. Unfortunately, the photo is blurred, but I guess it's better than no photo.

I changed the collar by splitting it in front; this was to echo the bottom border. I wanted a line in a contrasting colour but couldn't decide whether I preferred red or yellow, so I surprised myself by having both. A small step for a man, but for a control freak in favour of symmetry a giant leap!


RodPrjónar said...

This is seriously cool!
And having both colors: great idea!
Asymmetry can be nice but I think I also tend to think more in symetric terms.

Liisa said...

A giant leap for a control freak!
The sweater is awaome and I too like the two colours

Ing-Marie i Säter said...

Nu har du verkligen lyckats igen. En helt underbar tröja med det lilla extra i avslutningen.Snyggt ärmslut också.

Ann said...

Your need for having it all apparently was greater than your need for total symmetry ;-)

Yarndude said...

It looks so good!

Madam Munch said...

Meget flot arbejde, jeg håber at Marianne Isager ser den.

Carolina said...

Love it! Love that you decided about the colors right at the end.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE what you did with the sleeves! I would never have though to do something like that - changing the pattern on an angle. it looks so fantastic!
How can you knit soo many nups? Im working on 3 projects right now, one being a baby shawl for my daughter. It has nups in the boarder pattern, and I am a little obsessive compulsive, I couldn't make the nups the way I wanted with 5 stitches, so I am using 3 stitches, and it's still driving me crazy. I don't think Ill ever use nups again, or at least for a very long time. I can't wait to see what boarder you add to your shawl.

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful design on the sleeves. Did you use a hem on the cuff? Overall, the sweater is right on.