Wednesday, 9 February 2011


"Jaws" in progress
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I'm not sure what I think of the sleeve pattern so far, the beginning of a big triangle that consists of many small ones, but will knit a few more inches before I decide whether I want to keep it or do something else.

The radio show a couple of mornings ago was a lot of fun! Actually, the best part took place the evening before: I was on the train from Stockholm and a woman I'd never met before approached me and said she thought she knew who I was. It turned out she was the one who had phoned me from the radio station a few days before and who was to interview me early next morning - talk about a coincidence!

Riddarholmen, Stockholm, Sunday afternoon

How she recognized me? She saw my reflection in the window (she was sitting behind me) and that I was doing something with my hands. Praying? No, knitting! A male knitter on his way to Uppsala, who could that be... I enjoyed talking to Elin a lot, both on the train and in the studio.

I do prefer writing to talking, though, to tell you the truth. Blogging suits me, but I wouldn't even toy with the idea of a pod cast, for example. Too fond of revising my words.

For those who want to hear the show (it's in Swedish) I'll add a link at the end of this post. A word of warning about the photo of me first: it strikes me I've got cheeks like Polomoche in a favourite book from my childhood! (Well, at least I'm not yellow and I don't have horns - and as far as I know I don't smell of rotten apples.) Link to the show here.
Check out Ylva's incredibly beautifully decorated mittens! I was lucky to get to admire them live at a knitting café Monday evening and was happy to discover her blog post about them.


Anonymous said...

länken funkar inte:s

Asplund said...

Vad konstigt! Det gör den när jag testar. Hm - ska se om jag kan göra något åt det.

Francesca said...

Hey, newspaper and radio interviews in the same week! You'll be on TV next. :)

Anonymous said...

Spännande, ska kolla in det nu /

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! (The train coincidence is especially cool.) Well done on enjoying the radio interview. I was once on a radio panel and found it really nervewracking. Thanks also for the link to Ylva's mittens. I think they will be dancing in my imagination for some time to come!

Madam Munch said...

Sjovt sammentræf. I danmark har medierne også fokus på strik og Marianne Isager har netop været på dansk TV.
Det bliver spændende at se hvad du finder ud af med ærmerne til den flotte Isagermodel, du er ved at strikke.
Jeg glæder mig over din blog.
Bodil fra Danmark

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is often difficult to revise the spoken word!! Congratulations on the interview. And thanks for the mitten picture. The simplicity of the design and shape of the mitten itself along with the delicate decorations make for a piece of art. I come from a cold climate and mittens tug at my heart.
Ron in Mexico

ylva said...

Tack för din vänliga kommentar och att du länkat!Det är så man rodnar lite:-) Nu har jag även lyssnat på dig i Radion.Jag säger som någon annan sa ... snart stickar du i TV.

Unknown said...

Vilken bra intervju med en väldigt trevlig, avspänd och kunnig stickare. Jag är imponerad.

Asplundare said...

Men du hade inte banansoppa i mungipan!

Duktig stor lillebror! Syster