Thursday 24 February 2011

Comparing Russian sweaters, part 2

Comparing Russian sweaters
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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about one of my modifications when I reknitted my all-time favourite sweater design from Uuve Snidare's Fishermen's Sweaters.

The red version (which I finished in 1992) has a vertical red line from hip to armhole, which is where the row starts. It is convenient, and I rather like how it looks even though the pattern isn't symmetrical on each side of it.What I like less about it is that it sort of pulls, unlike the other side. (It's a similar thing with the sleeves, but I don't mind it that the red sleeve "seam" pulls slightly.)

The armholes aren't shaped in the original version, which leads to a lot of excess fabric under the arms. (And extra perspiration, I'm afraid!) I shaped them in my russet sweater knitted a couple of years ago.

Also, I added a side pattern. When I got to the armholes I put those stitches on a safety pin, cast on new stitches for a steek, and later picked them up along with stitches around the armhole to knit the sleeve.

The red/russet "ribbons" are knitted separately and sewn on. I've become better at sewing over the years! In my new sweater I made them shorter so it's evident the side pattern continues uninterrupted from hip to wrist.

Evident to those interested in investigating my armholes, that is.


life ldc said...

Congratulations on knitting the sweater again - it's hard to knit something twice I think - but I love your modifications - and the little attention to detail makes for such a fabulous result - excellent!

Annika Odelstav said...

Trevligt med sådan info! :-) eftersom jag är i tagen att lära mig lite mer kring tröjmontering läser jag med stort intresse! Börjar bli nyfiken på vilket garn du har använt?

Ann said...

- and very interesting to read about your changes since 1992. Very illustrating pictures - also on flickr.
Thank you.
Truly, you are a very skilled craftsman!

Ulla V. said...

Du er altså simpelthen utrolig dygtig!!

Den russiske trøje er jo også en af mine absolutte yndlingstrøjer. Begge udgaver du har strikket er bare så smukke.

Og hvor var det et dejligt studie i detaljer...

Carolina said...

Very interesting! The newer armhole with the shaping is really masterful and I imagine it feels a lot nicer. I like the symmetry as well.

Lola said...

Well, now I'm tempted to try again with Meg Swansen's version! The first one I tried turned out to be too small, and since I'd already cut into it, I turned it into a vest instead. Waiting to be given away to someone who deserves it.

Marias garnhändelser said...

elementärt min käre Watson...dina armhålor har vi koll på:-)

FadenStille said...

Ich lese immer gerne deine technischen Modifikationen, es lohnt sich immer, zu verbessern, wenn es möglich ist, dir gelingt das immer aufs Neue.
Greetings Anett

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by your "knitted ribbons". What a good idea! And I admire you for going back to the pattern and improving on your execution of it.

Francesca said...

It's interesting to see the evolution of your knitting within the same project. The new sweater is perfection.