Tuesday 1 December 2009

Mission accomplished

Moses mosaic
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About a month ago I won a competition! Maria posted a photo of a skein of horror yarn and asked for disco-esque ideas how to use it.

In a sudden flash of inspiration I suggested a pair of hotpants. Little did I know...

The prize turned out to be the yarn and the challenge to knit what I had suggested!

So, here's Moses (he was once found in a bucket of water) proudly sporting his haute couture hotpants at my aunt's place.

Hope you like the results, Maria!


heidi said...

my eyes, my eyes:D

dom kan få vilken lurvtott som helst att bli avundsjuk:)

Anonymous said...

Very sexy!!

Pinneguri said...

Eh ... not! Sorry, didn't mean to laugh at him, I laugh out load WITH him :D))))
So, Asplund, if you have a bad day you can just take a look at your friend.

Marias garnhändelser said...

I lööööv the result! You're a fantastic knitter in this yarn toooo:-)

Johanne Ländin said...

Han verkar ju vara väldigt glad över sina disco hotpants.
Han ser väl fram emot att få gå ut och stuffa.

Lars said...

Wow! Your aunt allows hot pants wearing Orangutangs to sport wildly around her house? Cool Aunt!