Friday, 26 March 2010

"Zaire" sweater: sleeve

"Zaire" sweater: sleeve
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First sleeve nearly done! I haven't made up my mind how to finish the cuff, so I've started knitting the second sleeve.

I will probably fill in the gaps with green triangles to make the cuffs similar to the body. Another colour could be used for variation, of course, or the edge could even be scalloped. (I really don't think the last idea would work very well with the overall design, which practically consists of straight lines going in different directions. Thinking about different ideas is fun, though! )

For a while I toyed with the idea of having more stripes, but suddenly remembered the drummer accompanying Sarah Vaughan in this clip and changed my mind instantly. But how I would have loved to be there hearing her live!


Knitting-twitter said...

it looks fantastic!!!

Yarndude said...

Hahaha! You mean you don't want to look like that drummer?

FadenStille said...

Yes, that´s it!!!
Greetings from France

Anonymous said...

That sleeve looks gorgeous! Great progress.

Annika Odelstav said...

Hejsan! Du har fått en utmärkelse av mig, hämtas på min blogg.

Anonymous said...

I think it looking wonderful as well. Whatever you decide on will be great. I am really liking the green colour. Why do I think those big frilly sleeves worn by the drummer are called Cuban sleeves? Maybe you could correct me with the right name.

Asplund said...

Thank you, all!

Ron: I must admit have no idea what those sleeves are called. I think of them as "Perdido sleeves"!

Vad roligt med utmärkelsen, Annika - tack!