Monday, 8 March 2010

Adding some colour: part 2

WIP: Zaire by Isager
Originally uploaded by Asplund

One more row of squares and a section of mitred striped before the shoulder join.

I'm happy with my addition of yellow and the way those stripes frame three squares.

Next there will be four squares: two light beige (looks white here) in the middle and two medium beige at the ends.


Unknown said...

I am just loving the way you play with colors. I just did a quick photoshop to see how the top row of diamonds will look in the colors you mentioned, and I liked it a lot.

FadenStille said...

So, nun fange ich an zu begreifen, mein Englisch ist nicht ganz zureichend für so ein kompliziertes Projekt, aber die Farbzufügung macht es absolut spannender...
Liebe Grüße Anett

Asplund said...

Never thought of using photoshop - that's a great idea!

One of the many things I love about this yarn is the wonderful spectrum of colours. Going wrong with them just doesn't seem possible!