Monday, 15 March 2010

Giant surprise jacket

I expected this sweater to become somewhat big, but not enormous. The width of the bottom part is fine, but the squares seem to stretch in all directions.

After joining the shoulders I could try it on; unfortunately, wearing it is like camping.

Here are my options:
1. Make friends with a giant to give it to. (Asplund and the beanstalk?)
2. Gain a lot of weight. (Which I did after I quit smoking, some 12 kilos/26 pounds. About half of that is gone now - and even though I don't think I need to lose more I definitely don't feel like gaining another 50 pounds.)
3. Felt it gently on purpose to make it shrink. (Possibly having to make friends with one of the seven dwarfs instead.)

I have tried two similar ways to join the shoulders using the three-needle bind-off method. (Both of them different from Isager's instructions.) To the left in the photo above you can see where I added a knit row to the stitches I had picked up, and to the right there is a purl row before the join. I much prefer the purl version and will remake the other one.

The indigo blue shawl I knitted recently has found a new home. Fair trade: I had a shawl I didn't need, and my aunt had a chair (dog not included) she didn't need.


Johanne Ländin said...

Så ledsamt att tröjan blev för stor. Hoppas att det går att fixa på något sätt.

Och för den fina sjalen så tycker jag nog att hunden skulle ha ingått i byteshandeln.

Bilderna av den sjalen har etsat sig fast i min hjärna, finns mönstret att få tag på?

Barb said...

Two of the Hanne Falkenburg designs, Diva and Studio, that I knit were much too big so I put them in the wash and slightly fulled them. I checked them often, until they were more fulled so the stitch definition was slightly blurry. That helped although they are still pretty loose.

Anonymous said...

Yes, garter stitch stretches. It does become a little more stable when felted a bit.
What a great trade. You didn't try to throw in a pair of mittens for the dog, did you??

Asplund said...

Thanks for encouraging words! I think felting will work well - and make the garment more like a jacket too, since it will be thicker and more stable.

Borntoknit: det finns en länk till mönstret sist i ett tidigare inlägg, det jag skrev 20 februari. Sjalen var en njutning att sticka!

Karen said...

I had a look at your indigo blue shawl. It's simply beautiful. I'm sure your aunt will love wearing it!