Friday, 19 March 2010

"Zaire" sweater: progress and modifications

"Zaire" sweater
Originally uploaded by Asplund

Well, "Zaire" tent would be a more appropriate name. I'm optimistic about this project anyway, certain that some felting will make a big difference.

Apart from the unintentional but considerable resizing, there are some conscious modifications:

1. Addition of mitered stripes at the bottom.
2. Addition of the same stripes at the beginning of the top-down knitted sleeve. (My intention is to have them near the wrist too.)
3. Shoulder squares knitted in one colour instead of broken up into four triangles.
4. Similarly, the collar is knitted in one colour, although I added a beige and blue triangle at the back of the neck for fun.

Here's a picture of the original design for comparison.


rosalia said...

This is more "zaire" than original.
the geometrical patterns looks fantastic.
Great work.

Anonymous said...

I, too, really like your rendition of the sweater. It is wonderful that you can easily see the "big picture" when designing.

Yarndude said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize how large those squares were until now when I see the whole sweater. It looks great!

Unknown said...

I am so glad that you went through this process first...not only did you inspire me to knit this design, but I also plan on stealing some of your modifications.

I'm quite amazed at how fast you've finished the body of this sweater...I'm only on my third square on the first row of squares!

Well done Ivar.

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I do hope the light felting will do the trick.

Kirsten said...

Beautifully crafted and very inspiring!

Asplundare said...


Asplundare said...

Jaha, då kom insikten. Min nästa blog måste förstås heta Asplund Flips

Asplund said...

Thanks for wonderful comments, everyone!

Joe: I'm very happy you find my posts useful! One reason I managed to finish the squares quickly (far quicker than I expected) is that I spent quite a few hours on trains and buses after starting this project. Knitting squares was perfect: the distance between Uppsala and Stockholm is one square, for example!

Carol said...


Unknown said...

It was sooo nice to meet you today!
Looking forward to Mariefred;o)