Saturday 11 April 2009

In Sigtuna

I'm privileged to get to show some knitting at Kulturgården in Sigtuna, Sweden, for three weeks. There are only a couple of days left now, just as I'm getting used to it! I didn't really know what to expect, and must say it has been a truly wonderful experience.

To begin, Kulturgården is a beautiful building overlooking lake Mälaren - just perfect. And the rooms are amazing. I believe they make my displayed knitting look better than it really is!

Also, it is such an advantage showing knitting: visitors are really interested, asking all sorts of questions. And all these delightful meetings: old friends, new friends, friendly strangers, relatives I don't see often enough, fellow Ravelers I've been in touch with on the internet but never met before... So many interesting people and rewarding meetings. What a treat!

My cousin Cecilia has made the beautiful notebook I use as a guestbook. She asked me if I could knit her a pair of twined mittens in return. She chose the colour and told me what kind of patterns she likes, but the rest is up to me to decide. I don't think she's in a hurry to get them, though, because it seems spring has finally arrived: the ice is gone from the lake, there are all kinds of spring flowers, birds singing everywhere... A glorious day.


Anonymous said...

I will try again. I just borrowed a book from the library on twined knitting.
Ron in Mexico

EvaL8 said...

Kul att läsa din blogg. Trevligt med nya bekantskaper, både i verkligheten och på nätet.
Jag gillar att se mycket välgjorda arbeten.

Anonymous said...

Lika vackert skrivet som stickat. Jag njuter att att titta och läsa. Och längtar efter att bära min sjal - visst är det den som pryder rubriken?

Din Annika

Åsa i Skuttunge said...

Kul att du fått igång en blogg också - välkommen i gänget!
Hope you are going to enjoy your blogging!
Jag gillade verkligen din utställning! - Dina stickade alster är verkligen enormt vackra speciellt om de blir exonerade på ett så professionellt sätt.

KiwiJames said...

Welcome to the world of Knit-blogging... clearly another way to extend your many talents to a wider audience.

Good luck and congratulations on the success of your exhibition!

Arohanui from New Zealand

Asplund said...

Åsa, with this kind of response I don't see how I could not enjoy blogging - thanks, everyone for your kind comments!