Sunday, 26 April 2009

Mont Tricot

Mont Tricot
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It just occurred to me that judging from my previous posts you could get the impression I only knit for others.

Not really, no...

To prove those who might harbour such scandalous ideas wrong, here's a picture that shows some of the things I've made for myself!

Not because I'm worth it, but simply because I want it! :)


Sanna T Sköld said...

I know that you knit a lot for yourself. I have seen som of the sweaters on you.
Keep on knitting!!

Torhild Reidardatter said...

Mount Tricot- very funny.
Over the years it is alot isn´t it.
I have mountains of shawls and jackets... and mittens( socks I wear down)

Åsa i Skuttunge said...

Helt rätt "vilja ha" är en bra kreativ inställning!!;-)

OldRound said...

That was funny! You made me laugh. Thank you. : )