Saturday, 30 January 2010

"Monk" modifications

I'm thinking about letting the diagonal stripes continue when I knit the sleeves; in the original design the sleeve pattern consists of vertical stripes.

Another modification is in the centre section. In the book it consists of knit-only and purl-only stripes. Mine is knits only and garter stitch the first twenty rows, then moss stitch instead of garter stitch. (Simply because I like variation – and I like the way moss stitch looks too.) It's easier to see in this photo. I haven't made up my mind about the hood yet.

The yarn is very nice to work with: so nice I'm happy I bought it even though it's mainly alpaca (see previous post) but fortunately not so addictive it breaks my heart it will be discontinued – which is why it was so cheap!

It makes quite a difference it isn't pure alpaca, but 20% silk: not so slippery and fuzzy, but easy to knit. I just hope the silk also will help the garment stay in shape.

Come to think of it, it's already fairly heavy, so I believe simply wearing the jacket will help me stay in shape!


Anonymous said...

Is the sweater as complicated as it looks? It is beautiful. I particularly like the shoulder join - it reminds me of some of your underarms where everything - colour, design - just flow together so nicely.

FadenStille said...

The shoulder join looks perfekt and it can't be to havy only to warm...
Herzliche Grüße, da ich glaube, dass du auch Deutsch verstehst - Anett

Marias garnhändelser said...

Och här kommer ett litet namnsdagsgrattis!
Snygg tröja...som alltid är du härligt noga med detaljerna:-)

Asplund said...

It makes me happy you like the details! (It is one of the challenges I like best about knitting, trying to get different details to blend, so it means a lot to me when others appreciate it.)
The pattern isn't very complicated, but mainly a matter of paying attention to which pattern section I'm working with.

Anett: ja, ich verstehe ein bisschen Deutsch. A friend of mine is from Germany and she once taught me the basiscs. I can't speak it, but understand some when I read texts aloud to myself. (Which is a fun challenge! And I understood what you wrote in your comment.)