Monday, 4 January 2010

Slipping through my fingers

"Christoffer" neckwarmer
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Here's a neck warmer I finished for myself yesterday (it's cold!) with some "Lucca" wool from BC Garn.

It was perfect for testing a slip-stitch pattern, a technique I was eager to make use of after seeing some glorious examples of patterns in Britt-Marie Christoffersson's new book Stickning - ett hantverk att utveckla.

This triangle pattern is practically one of hers except I resized it and turned it upside down. Why? To see how it would turn out! Well, also to make it blend with the 3x3 ribbing I had decided on. It's a great book, a kind of stitch-technique-inspiration treasury.

It's a wonderful technique in many ways; what I like best is that you get a lot of effect with minimal effort. I also like it that it's so subtle and that the floats on the wrong side make it warm. However, it's not very elastic. Not that it matters much in this kind of garment (in my opinion, it's actually an advantage here) , but in a sweater it would be important to keep it in mind.

After finishing it I cast on my First Real Knitting Treat of 2010. (Let there be many!) I've promised my friend and former colleague Karin a triangular shawl; about a month ago I found the perfect yarn for it, a wool-silk blend from Finnish Wetterhoff, and the other day I came across a beautiful free pattern on Ravelry: Haruni by Emily Ross.

Needless to say, I couldn't resist testing a couple of modifications, but I'll get back to them some other day.


Anonymous said...

Very nice neckwarmer -- the simplicity makes it so wearable, but it also has a lot of visual interest.

Satoko said...

Så snygg!
Det är passar väldigt bra när det är så här kallt ute.

Janet said...

I like your blog - I'll drop in more often. I particularly like your lists of favourite authors and films.

Janet in Dublin

Asplund said...

Thanks, mildawg and Janet!

Tack, Satoko! Minus 19 just nu, så jag ska ha både den och halsduk när jag ger mig ut, men det är i alla fall strålande vackert!

rosalia said...

Cristofer is a perfect idea for my husband. It looks very earm

rosalia said...

Sorry, My english is no good. I want say warm and Its name is Chistoffer!

Asplund said...

Hi Rosalia! It's very nice and warm - I'm actually wearing it right now! - so I can recommend it! Hope your husband will like it.

Anonymous said...

The neck warmer is lovely. I have a couple I wear often. Also took a look at the shawl pattern and it would be wonderful to use up some sock yarn. I love your choice of yarn.
Ron in Mexico

Asplund said...

Hi Ron! I think it's a great kind of garment, and wonder why I haven't made more of them. Perfect for testing patterns too!
The yarn is simply wonderful, a delight to work with.

mary jane said...

beautiful job, I love the angular patterns you work with. you're off to a great start this year! happy new year, and thanks for the book tip.

KiwiJames said...

Reversing the triangles changes the look from a forest of pine trees to a lovely display of icicles... very appropriate for the Swedish winter.

Asplund said...

Thank you, both! And that's a great observation, James! I like that icicle idea a lot - not that we need more icicles. Minus 22 Celsius yesterday (ca -8 Fahrenheit)!

Unknown said...

Thanks for pointing out the pattern for Christoffer...I love the puckering effect, and on a garment the size of the neck warmer (they called them "dickies" when I was growing up!), the pattern isn't overwhelming.

The lace will be spectacular!

Asplundare said...

Först läste jag Lucia, inte Lucca.
Why not.....?
Nice night for it, för övrigt. Sös