Sunday 24 January 2010

"Haruni" shawl addition

"Haruni" shawl
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Here is a rather blurred picture where you can see the border I added along the hypotenuse. I wanted something similar to the other egdes and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a sale at my LYS, and returned home with a kilo of beautiful grey yarn. I'm making (and modifying) a design by Marianne Isager, Munken/Monk from her book Classic Knits. This is what my project looks like so far. I can't even remember when I last knitted intarsia, but it was probably some twenty years ago.


Anonymous said...

I like the border and how cleverly you joined it to the other. Good luck on your new project.

FadenStille said...

This is a lovely shawl, what are the colours different.I like both ;-))) Your adding border is the finishing touch("Der Tupfen auf das i").
Greetings Anett

Knitting-twitter said...

.. the edging is fantastic and your new project seems to be very interesting, I love what I see so far.. all the best from Switzerland.. Chrissy

Anonymous said...

It's a gorgeous border!

Marlies said...

Hallo Ohh ist dein haruni schön ein Traum in blau. Wunderschön. Ganz liebe Grüsse Marlies

Asplund said...

Lovely comments, everyone!

Fadenstille: in reality the colour is somewhere between the what it looks like in the two photos! Funny, we have the same expression in Swedish: pricken över i - the dot above the i.

Danke schön, Marlies! Ich liebe "ein Traum in blau"!

Kerry said...

The border looks great, you clever man. I've been looking through your photostream and admiring your work.

Linda said...

Just beautiful!