Monday, 28 September 2009


Today I received an award and a challenge! Thank you, maria e – I'm honoured!

The challenge is to reveal ten things about myself; I've decided to bring up five general and five knitting-related things. Nothing is a secret, but I guess this is meant to be informative and about fun facts rather than secrets anyway.

1. I think you are an awesome girl, the award says. Well, actually I'm a man – anyone surprised/shocked/horrified? – but I hope I'm still awesome!
2. Food: I don't like cooking (a triumph of understatement) which friends and family know only too well. I'm fine with eating, though. (But picky!)
3. Cars: I didn't even try to learn how to drive until I was nearly thirty. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly found myself actually enjoying driving!
4. Taste buds: I don't like the taste of sweet very much.
5. Other addictions (apart from knitting): I've gone from active to passive smoker. A lot cheaper. More yarn money! Seriously, I'm glad I finally quit (two years ago) and don't even like the smell anymore. I've had one relapse, smoking a cigar at a party.

6. I enjoy knitting swatches.
7. Whenever there's a knitting book I really want I always allow myself to buy it, arguing that I never spend money on cook-books. (See 2 above.) Excellent tactics I learnt from my aunt.
8. I don't like alpaca very much, especially not baby alpaca. (Too slippery to knit and too fuzzy to touch for my taste.) There are blends with alpaca that I love, though, like Rowan Felted Tweed.
9. It's dawning on me that there is no way I will be able to knit all the things I want to (a mere fraction is what it feels like) which is something I try not to think about too much. However, a good thing about realizing this is that it has made me more careful when I choose projects.
10. Last, some serious bragging: Kaffe Fassett once pinched the cuff of the sweater I was wearing and said "I love this."

I'm passing this award & challenge on to awesome Nordic neighbours Pinneguri and lille-ursus.

Edited to add:
Would you believe it, I just received another award! Thank you Beate, I appreciate it and your kind words very very much! I'm afraid I'm going to be lazy and just add the picture here – can't think of another seven things to write about myself. Plus, a man's got to do what a man's got to do. Knit, that is.


Ulla V. said...

Oh, how sweet of you! I'm really happy and honoured. Tusind tak. :))

It's so funny because I got the same award a few weeks ago and then wrote 10 things about myself.
But hopefully there is more to say about me than ten things, so in a little while I will use this sweet thought of yours, and write the next ten things about myself. :))

Asplund said...

That proves you're a REALLY awesome girl!

Pinneguri said...

Wow, I would seriously love to have Kaffe Fassett pinch my socks ;D)
Agree too about alpacca, not too fond. Except when it is blended with other kind of yarn. But not for the same reasons as you though - I find alpacca heavy and hanging/getting larger and larger with use. I don't like that.

Thanks, Asplund, I'll see if I can find something remotely interesting about my self. My ex once said that he loved to go to (work-)interviews because then he could talk about him self. I am not that keen ...

Asplund said...

I must admit I thought the challenge was very difficult at first, especially coming up with TEN things, until I decided to make it mainly knitting-oriented.

Imagine loving job interviews... I did learn how to drive - and even enjoy it - but I could never like that situation. (I remember going to a interviews for jobs I wasn't really interested in just to practice dealing with the situation!)

Torhild Reidardatter said...

you have so many nice things in your blog- I always enjoy coming visiting- I left you a award on my blog-

Mandy said...

I've become very fond of Ultra Alpaca, which is a 50% wool, 50% alpaca blend. I love the fuzzy halo.

Your list is great! I don't cook either. :) And I enjoy a good swatch most every day.

Anonymous said...

What a saint!! You love to swatch???
Ron in Mexico

Asplund said...

I love swatching - not nearly as much as knitting garments, but still a proud Saint of the Holy Swatch!

Torhild Reidardatter said...

That is quiet alright. They can be a drag as well , those awards:-0