Thursday, 17 September 2009

Hats galore

Hats galore
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Hats "Carl" and "Otto" (see previous post) have some woolly company: a green twined hat I knitted late 08/early 09, and two new, blue friends.

I knitted "Alex" with the same yarn and therefore named this hat after Carl-Otto's brother; "Blue Onion" in the upper left corner with beautiful yarn my Kiwi friend James gave me. Kia ora, James!

It's rather fascinating seeing how stripe width affects how the blue yarn looks in the three blue and grey hats. (Yarn: Pälsull, Östergötlands ullspinneri.)

These hats and some of my sweaters and mittens are in a men's clothing store, Carl-Otto in Västervik, where they will be on display for a few days. Map here.

Speaking of hats galore, I'm having fun knitting a hat for a friend. He wanted a soft and warm hat with ear flaps, preferably greenish-brown. It took some time, but at last I managed to figure out how to make the ear flaps the way I want them to look. This is what the "Sea Urchin" hat looks like so far.


Cecilia Levy said...

grattis! vad roligt att hänga på ett sånt ställe, ser fint ut.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful display of your knitting. The vest intrigues me and I really admire the borders - so hard to do on Fair Isle type garments. Beautiful work - give yourself a pat on the back.
Ron in Mexico

johanna said...

Vilka jättefina mössor :-)
Jag har försökt få tag på din mailadress men inte hittat den, skicka mig ett mail så har jag något att vidarebefordra till dig :-)

Asplund said...

Tack & thanks!

Johanna: det går inte att skicka något svar, för jag får inte tag på någon epostadress genom ditt användarnamn. (Din profil är inte åtkomlig.) Testa att skicka till min gmail, som består av förnamn.efternamn snabela. Nyfiken!