Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Fair Isle jacket and show in Stockholm

WIP: Fair Isle Jacket
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What to do when you're eager to knit the main patterns but haven't decided about the edges? I cast on with white cotton yarn (easy to remove) and knitted a row or two.

A good thing about knitting a couple of rows back and forth before knitting in the round is that it's easier to check it's not twisted. I remember clearly the first time I suddenly realised I was knitting a spiral instead of a tube and how stupid I felt. Unfortunately, it wasn't the last time, and guess who felt even more stupid the second time it happened... Etc.

My plan is to knit a jacket; the main reason is that if there is a steek all the way in front I don't have to weave in any threads (there are already quite a few dangling in the middle of the steek) but will simply cut them off when I cut the steek. The sleeves will have lots of threads to take care of, though.

I will felt the steek slightly apart from securing it by sewing, a method that worked well with this sweater. (Actually, the rusty red wool is leftovers from that project.) Perhaps it doesn't make much difference, but it felt safer and so at least had psychological value! Also, I rather like turning it into an advantage that this wool felts if you don't treat it gently.


Unfortunately, this project won't be finished by Nov. 28, which is the first day some of my knitted sweaters and mittens will be on display at yarn shop Marias garn in Stockholm. Map here.

I'll be there the first day (between 11 am and 2.30 pm) and hopefully some other days too before the show ends on Dec. 19.



Mel said...

Very nice! I've been trying to plan out a Fair Isle vest for myself, but I think I'm going to go with a tesselated pattern from "Knitting in the Old Way" and work out the color changes within that.

torirot said...

I'd love to go to Stockholm, I really like the city, but that will not be this year... And we've all made those spirals, several times... It looks like it will be a beautiful jacket!

Rob said...

Hi Asplund
I've been learning to knit for 4 months now. Your work really inspires me. I know it's a lofty goal, but I'd like to someday knit like you. Beautiful stuff!

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful start. Just the right degree of contrast and blending of colours. Again, you should write a book. I am just finishing up a Fair Isle Sweater. I, too, start in with the body and come back to make the borders. Have you ever just cut the steek without securing? I usually do that when working with Shetland wool.
Ron in Mexico

MaryjoO said...

the colors are soft, earthy and yet the green pops out! So fabulous.

Was thinking about "Swedish" yesterday when I heard a (US) radio piece about Stieg Larsson (who unfortunately died way too early) and they said that he once said that he thought that "The Girl with the dragon tattoo" might be a "grown up Pippi" ... still have to read the books but love to think about Pippi stockings etc.

Sorry, I digress. Amazing how colors "do what they do" -- the "russet/red" in your sweater is strong, here it is blending and soft.

One more thing, and then I'll stop:
have you seen this book: Swedish Knits -- it is on Amazon and I was wondering if you know about it/think it is worth buying, etc!

Asplund said...

Thanks, Mel! I like tesselated patterns too. I don't know "Knitting in the Old Way" but it sounds like something I'd be interested in getting.

torirot: Stockholm is wonderful, isn't it? love your lion mittens!

Rob: what a wonderful compliment! You know, only a few years ago I hardly knew any knitters at all (my friends don't knit, only a couple of relatives do) so I'm thrilled to hear someone wants to knit like me. I don't think anyone's told me that before. Thank you!

Ron: I'm happy you like the way it looks. I've knitted a few more inches now and added even more colours. It's unlike anything I've knitted before!
I never dared to simply cut the steek without securing. I've heard it's possible, but am too much of a coward to even toy with the idea. I might some day, though - especially now that know someone who does it. I suppose that kind of sweater would be comfortable, less stiff around the armholes?

MaryjoO: thanks for your lovely comment! I confess I haven't read Stieg Larsson's books - yet! I started once, but wasn't in the mood for that genre (seldom am).
I don't know the book "Swedish Knits". At least I don't think so - if it's a tranlation of a Swedish book the title might be different. I'll look it up and then pm you on Ravelry!

WonderMike said...

Ivar, I'd LOVE to take a Fair Isle class from you. I bet I'd learn so very much. Until then I'll follow your F.I. adventures here. Loving the blog... and thanks for the podcast plug. You're a gem!!!

Asplund said...

Oh, you're the gem, Mike! And it makes me happy you like my blog!

Yarndude said...

I love what you have so far, it looks great! That was a good idea to do a provisional cast-on so that you can go back to add whatever edging you want. I never would have thought of that.

EvaL8 said...

Hej. Vad smart att vänta med kanten. Jag håller på att planera en Fair Isle kofta men vill också börja med mönstret, inte kanten. Tyvärr hinner jag inte till Stockholm när utställningen öppnar men jag hade ju tur att få se dina fantastiska verk i Sigtuna. Kanske har jag tid någon annan dag. Ha det så bra.

Asplund said...

Thanks, Peter! You know how I first came up with the idea? I was unhappy with the edging after most of the sweater I was making was done, and didn't want to unravel the whole thing.
So I cut a stitch between the edging and the body, pulled the yarn one stitch at a time, put the stitches on a needle and then knitted a new edging top-down.
Since then I do this kind of cast-on whenever I'm not sure about the edging, because it's a lot easier than the other method.
I do try to avoid both if possible, though - I find casting off a lo worse than casting on, especially if I want it to look neat.

Hej EvaL8 - och tack! Vad roligt det var när ni kom till Sigtuna! Minns du att jag så att säga kände igen dig på koftan som jag hade beundrat på Ravelry?
Det blir andra tillfällen att ses. Jag måste till exempel till Yll o tyll snart igen, och där brukar vi ju råkas!

Kerry said...

I like the addition of the greens to the other colours, it works well.