Wednesday, 25 November 2009

An appetizer

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Here's a vest made especially for the show at Marias garn, Stockholm, which starts on Saturday at 11 am. Welcome!

The colours made me think of a flower I love, Fritillaria meleagris, and therefore I tried to make a pattern that would be slightly similar to it.

In Swedish this flower is called Kungsängslilja, which means "Lily of the Royal Meadow" (we like compound words!) and it is a symbol of the region of Uppland.


susan said...

It looks wonderful. I think you achieved the effect you wanted!

Yarndude said...

I saw that you had posted this on Ravelry, I had no idea you were even working on it! I'm amazed.

ylva said...

Jag hörde att du skulle ha vernisage , kan tyvärr inte komma och besöka den vore trevligt ! Mor o Far vill ha besök i Västergötland. Lycka till !kommer bli en succe´


Anonymous said...

What a lovely choice of colours. I particularly like the main design - the delicate pinks and grey on the white background is stunning. However, I am astonished at how the simple diamonds, which I suppose are really peeries, are used to draw your eye into the design while remaining in the background. I think I would like a sweater with just the diamond design. Are the borders folded stocking stitch? Very beautiful with the outline stitch in grey.
Ron in Mexico

Asplund said...

Thanks, Susan - and how nice to see you here! I love your squirrel mittens!

Yarndude: I took a break from the jacket and must have been so into this project I couldn't bring myself to spend time writing about it instead of knitting it!

Tack, Ylva! Hoppas vi ses vid något annat tillfälle snart - något stickkafé till exempel!

Thanks Ron, supportive as always! I appreciate your comments very much - not only because they're so flattering, but also because you're so perceptive! You see exactly what I wanted to achieve.

The bottom border is folded stocking stitch, but the others are simply garter stitch: mainly to avoid sewing, which I don't like very much. (To use an understatement!)

Pinneguri said...

Da jeg hadde hage og parsell for noen år siden (nå bor jeg i blokk og står i kø for å få parsell her i Oslo - får den sånn cirka om 8-10 år ...), dengang da oppdaget jeg kungsänglilja via det svenske hageprogrammet Gröna Rum og fantastiske formidler Gunnel Carlson. Det er en plante jeg virkelig tenker på som svensk. Og her kommer du, og lager en vest!
Lykke til med Marias. Skulle ønske jeg kunne komme og hilse på dere :)

MaryjoO said...

oh, this is so glorious -- and my colors, too. LOL I need to study it more!
Congrats again!!

Asplund said...

Pinneguri: vad kul att få veta att du har de associationerna till blomman! Jag såg den för första gången på 90-talet efter att jag hade flyttat till Uppsala. Det är en fantastisk syn att se fältet utanför staden där de blommar några få dagar, de flesta purpurfärgade och så några enstaka vita här och där.

Thanks, MaryjoO! It was a lot of fun both to design and knit! Part of it was probably that I knew I couldn't go wrong with these colours!