Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sometimes I'm efficient

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Last night I met up with two groups of knitters, first at a café in Finspång and then in this beautiful house in Ljusfallshammar.

What's more, they were all into twined knitting (Sw. "tvåändsstickning") so it was an unusual and unusually pleasant evening.

I even managed to buy some yarn: seven hanks of wool-silk blend, enough for at least two shawls.

Not that I need shawls, but I do need to make them (Dr Asplund's orders) and I think "Lady's circular cape in shell pattern" would be lovely in this pale pink hue. Where the pattern is? Victorian Lace Today, of course.


Sanna T Sköld said...

Now I live at the wrong place again. I used to live in Finspång and my husbands mother was born in Ljusfallshammar. Nice that you have been there.

Asplund said...

Really? What a beautiful part of the country that is. I had only passed through Finspång before, so I had missed all the lovely villages, valleys etc off the road. I'm even more glad I've been there now that I know about your connections!

RodPrjónar said...

It is so cool that you meet with knitters groups, I haven´t met anyone here yet... but a friend of mine (who finally came back to Iceland after one year and a half in Chile) and I are planning to start one... I am sure it will be so much fun!
And one question: what is twined knitting?
Thank you so much for your comments on the kids pictures... I am still so happy about that!

Terry said...

I was lured away from all other content in this post by that gorgeous house. I want it, and it need not be shipped to the US, I'll take it in its current location.

Asplund said...

Rodrigo, I'll make a post (or many if I can't stop myself) about twined knitting - but in short it's an old Scandinavian technique where you knit with two strands that you "twist" between each stitch. The results are thick and dense, not very elastic and more or less wind- and water-proof, so they would be useful in Iceland! There's a group on Ravelry - you'll find it among the groups I've joined.

Terry, the house was indeed gorgeous - as was the garden and the surrounding landscape. Sigh.

Torhild Reidardatter said...

Wow.. Now I´ve seen the ladys circular.!!! it´s beatiful and so vintage.

Asplund said...

Yes, isn't it? Simply irresistible. I'm lucky most of my women relatives and friends don't knit but love wearing it.