Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Cape cast off, shawl cast on

Lady's circular cape
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Knitting the border that runs around the whole garment did get mind-blowingly tedious in the long run, I must admit, but it's a wonderful finishing touch that I wouldn't have wanted to leave out. Some things are definitely worth the perseverance it takes to make them.

The cape is very light, perhaps 120 grams of the 350 grams I bought. What to do with the remaining yarn? Well, after knitting several lace shawls of different shapes, some with and some without modifications, I think I'm ready to try designing my own lace shawl! I really liked the shape that consists of three triangles, so it will be one like that.

While knitting another shawl last month I thought the patterns resembled rain and flowers, so I'm working with that idea. (That is, until I change my mind.) There are drop-like pattern shapes of different sizes to begin with and my plan is to fill next border with flower shapes of some kind.


Anonymous said...

The border certainly was worth the time it took. It is beautiful. I am working on one that calls for a crochet edge which I hate to do and think I will do a sideways border.
Ron in Mexico

OldRound said...

A twelve day knit means you really condense your tedious borders ; )
I hope you have a beautiful chifferobe for all your lace.

Unknown said...

Åh, vad vacker!