Monday, 14 March 2011

To rip or not to rip

Shawl in progress
Originally uploaded by Asplund
My intention was to write a post about whether I should rip 2½ rows to add a nupp I forgot to make, but it's too late now. Instead, I'm going to write about why I did :)

1. I never liked mistakes in my knitting, and even though I've grown more tolerant over the years I don't want to keep major flaws. A nupp missing makes a mutilated star.

2. For a while I toyed with the idea of making a "nupp prosthesis" - it could be a good challenge trying to make one afterwards and get it to blend in with the others. On the other hand it might not work, and I was too eager to make progress to start nupp swatching.

3. An hour or so spent ripping out and reknitting a few rows (even if they're rather long) is far less time than years or possibly a lifetime source of irritation I didn't correct a mistake I discovered fairly quickly. I know myself: one of my sweaters has an ugly flaw that I told myself might disappear during blocking... Instead it stood out even more clearly!

4. I tried telling myself a nupp missing is a scandalously ridiculous thing to think about considering the recent disasters in Japan and New Zealand, what's happening in Libya and other countries etc etc... Still, it's as if I just can't help following my knitting instincts.

Ann and Ron: I will get back with answers to your questions!


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who never rips back when she notices a mistake. She always says it proves that article was knit by hand!! However, I am much like you, even though I hate doing it.

aafke7 said...

There are so many failures we cannot undo. In knits we can! that's why we enjoy the dance of ripping stitches don't we?

Francesca said...

Good for you for ripping when you did. I found a major mistake in the sweater I am knitting that would have caused me to rip over ten hours of work and I was too chicken to do it. Now I regret it.

Cecilia said...

First I was about to encourage you not to rip. I always do that. But to be honest, if I had been in your place I would have I think you did the right thing!

It´s a beautiful shawl and the reknittet rows are far less than the rest av the rows and so it is worth it!

Annika Odelstav said...

I always ask myself: can I stand this for 20 years, can I live with this? If the answer is NO! I too rip! Now you will enjoy your knitting without restriction! The shawl looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

I am quite happy to rip back so that I can fix a mistake, because I know if I don't, that mistake will be all I will ever notice! And in terms of putting things in perspective, it's *precisely* when the world suffers such traumas that I find knitting the most therapeutic. At least there are some things that it's within my power to put right!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely spot on with your answers - all of them. I feel quite the same way.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Asplund - just to let you know, I've passed on a Stylish Blogger award to you today. Details are on my blog. I made it clear that I was considering Substance as well as Style in choosing whom to pass it on to!


Found your blog through Christine's link, your knitting is really something! I sometimes rip back and make good my mistakes and sometimes I don't. When I don't I take heart from the tradition of Persian carpet makers who apparently deliberately make at least one mistake in every carpet, no matter how skilled they are, for only god can make things perfectly!

PS. I think your Russian jumpers look fabulous.