Sunday, 27 March 2011

Caught blue-handed

Caught blue-handed
Originally uploaded by Asplund
I'm helping a colleague adding sleeves to the cardigan she is knitting. Not only my hands are proof of surplus dye: you can also see the difference between the sleeve cap I have made and the body, which she made and washed before handing the project to me.

I like sleeve caps but I also like knitted-on sleeves, so I'm experimenting with different ways to combine the two using short rows. There's a detailed description in this post.


ylva said...

jösses! man får passa sig var man är med ett sånt projekt. Stickade en barntröja för en massa år sedan som var indigofärgad då blev jag likadan. Torrfällde som sjutton!

Ps. Annemor var som sagt mycket intressant. Det är kul att bli "booostad" med inspiration.Ds

Asplund said...

Ja, det är inte värt att varva med den vita sjalen - och så gäller det att ha en ful handduk i knät! Kul att Annemor slog till igen - vilken kick!

Yarndude said...

Have you considered washing the yarn before knitting it to avoid getting the dye everywhere?

Asplund said...

I have - but then I'm only knitting the caps, which takes far less time than washing the yarn, waiting for it to dry and probably having to rewind it :)

If I knitted the whole thing I would have washed the yarn, but given the circumstances an old towel on my lap and washing my hands works fine.