Friday, 25 March 2011

Breaking promises

Shawl progress
Originally uploaded by Asplund
The shawl is a true joy to knit, so I'm making fast  progress! About 2/3 done so far.

A few weeks ago I went through my stash and discovered there was far more than I thought - even though I tried to exaggerate! A familiar phenomenon, anyone? This made me decide to try (note "try"!) not to buy any more yarn this year. Complete failure. Not unexpected, but it happened sooner than I thought.

First, I discovered Sannstick's sale: Lucca Fino Tweed from BC, yarn that I've used once before and really liked - and which won't be made anymore. What could I do but get enough yarn for two sweaters, blue and yellow?

Then I had a great evening with Born to knit a couple of days ago. Her knitting library is incredible, rare Alice Starmore books, lots of vintage books and magazines... She also showed me some of her sweaters, and I was particularly impressed with her Starmore design Henry VIII; it is certainly a sweater I'm going to make some day, but I felt it was high time to give in to my ca-ten-year-old desire to get my top favourite Starmore design Alba. So I did. Anticipation...

Some things are so easily done!


Carolina said...

That shawl is beautiful! A possible advantage to being to Costa Rica is that it's impossible to grow my yarn stash—but usually it feels like a disadvantage. And I discovered I need different size sock needles that I brought this year. To compensate, I'm buying as many spools of thread as I want for my temari ball project. Cheap thrills because I've found a place with large spools of thread for just 25 cents. I think that Alba sweater you picked out is fantastic.

aafke7 said...

Our childlike hands are easy filled with joy and laughter!
Lucky you!

ylva said...

Gillar den gula färgen fantastiskt mycket !och sjalen ser fantastisk ut!

Ha en trevlig helg!


Anonymous said...

I love Alice Starmore's designs. Of all my sweaters, hers are the ones I tend to wear the most. And I love knitting them as well.
Yes, I too swore not to buy any more wool and to use up my stash. Since then, I have had to make a few exceptions: gifts for others, travel projects... But I will still chip away at my several projects in the wool cupboard! (Won't do too much soul-searching about this one...)

herr avig / mr purl said...

I must admit that I really admire your eye for colour, and that shawl... Just great!


Gosh, that yarn is beautiful and a great colour combination.