Sunday, 12 December 2010


Annika's wristwarmers
Originally uploaded by Asplund

For the sake of variety I've been knitting wristwarmers recently. This pattern was a free gift from Ravelry's jdw at the knitting camp I attended back in August. I've added pearls in groups of five and a row of holes. They're for my friend Annika, who has asked for white, thin, warm wristwarmers.

The yarn is BC Semilla Fino, organic fingering weight wool, and I used 2 mm needles (US 0).

They're knitting diagonally; you can see it more clearly in this photo. I do like the effect you get with variegated yarn. These are leftovers from a hat I knitted a couple of months ago.

Isn't it fascinating how different they look compared to the white ones? The shape is the same, but the different colours and the way the diagonal is accentuated give them a completely different look.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful - and such an interesting construction! I like the touch you've given them with the beads. I'm sure your friend will enjoy using them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I, too, like the pearls. Thanks for the great idea - we all have left overs, I am sure.
Ron in Mexico