Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Shawl progress and sweater progress

Estonian shawl wip
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I'm having a lot of fun knitting the "Crown Prince" shawl from Nancy Bush's book, but can't resist making some modifications.

1. The star is the variation motif in the book. I really like it that there are variations of many of the motifs!

2. I've skipped the garter-stitch frame, simply because I'm not very fond of it, especially not combined with lace.

3. I've resized the centre section repeats, making them the same width as the stars. In the original design they are different and don't match, although it doesn't show that clearly thanks to the garter-stitch frame between the sections.

4. Personally, I like symmetry too much not to do something about it, though, and I also like blending pattern sections. Resizing meant making the repeats bigger, so I'm adding a little cluster of "nupps" too, barely visible in this photo. To be continued.

I've been working with my red sweater too: both sleeve caps are finished. I decided to make the second one while I remembered how I made the first one - and understand my hastily scribbled notes. You know, knitting held in one hand, pencil hopefully in the hand you normally write with...

I'm testing a new idea for sleeve gussets too, but I think that will have to be in another post.

Last but not least: dear friend E. is happy with the hat I gave her for her birthday.


Ann said...

I am also not too keen on too much garterstitch in lace.
It looks interesting. The point is, I presume, how the balance will be. The garterstitchborders on the original shawl gives some calmness to the pattern.
I am looking forward to the result of your work.
Your work on a new way to knit sleeve gussets are also very interesting.
Nice hat ;-)

Asplund said...

I agree, it's about balance - that's the word! I also agree with you about the calming effect of the garter-stitch border.

I don't really think my sleeve gussets are very original - lots of people must have thought of the same idea. We'll see what you think of them when I write about them!

Anonymous said...

The shawl is lovely! And I'm interested to see more of your sleeve cap technique. Elisabeth looks a bit impish in her hat!

Anonymous said...

The star design is stunning. Beautiful work.
Ron in Mexico

MiA said...

Åh - så underbar!! Jag har precis börjat sticka på en Maikell shawl från samma bok. Spann 50gr vit shetland och konstaterade att den inte alls var bra till flätstickat som jag tänkte (fyller inte tillräckligt) .. men var helt perfekt till liljekonvaljmönstren som inte alls blev fina med merino.
Man lär sej nåt nytt varje dag :))

Anonymous said...

I am using a similar star in a shawl I charted over the summer (not much knitted on that project, too many other baby things to make first)and a few other Orenburg Motifs.I look forward to seeing where those nups are in your variation.
Have you seen the other Estonian lace book thats on Schoolhouse Press' website? I have been drooling over it, maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas? ;)
Good luck with the sweater. I can never read my notes, unless they are typed.

Asplund said...

Thanks for your kind comments, everyone!

MiA: så exklusivt med egenhändigt spunnen shetlandsull! Jag kan tänka mig att det blev vackert! (Men visst är det fascinerande hur garner kan vara perfekta till en teknik och helt fel till en annan?) Ska strax leta efter bilder på din sjal, för det har du väl lagt ut?

knotknittingenough: actually, I don't know the book you mention, so I will have to look it up. Thanks for mentioning it! I'm totally addicted to this technique (too - how many knitting addictions can one have?) so it's very likely I will just have to get it.

Anonymous said...

The Haapsalu Shawl
—From Estonia

First book listed on the page... Drooling over it :)
I just finished one of my baby projects, so maybe I can finally get to my baby shawl...IF I can ever feel my fingers again :/

Oh how I wish I spoke other languages (english and french are not very interesting for knitting...) so I could read all those lovely knitting books you keep posting about! Maybe one of these days I'll take Danish or something... Any recommendations?

Lily said...

This is a wonderful shawl, and sweater, Your works is really beautiful.