Thursday, 9 December 2010

Correcting a mistake

Winter mosaic
Originally uploaded by Asplund

The past few weeks have been unusually cold. I took these photos on my way to work last Thursday morning. It was almost -20 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) but fortunately it isn't that cold now.

I'm making progress with the Estonian shawl. My intention was to have identical groups of nupps in all the centre-section quadrangles, but mixed up rows and accidentally started too early the second time around.

I didn't discover this mistake until a couple of rows later, and instead of ripping these out I decided to correct my mistake by simply deciding this was what I wanted instead. Actually, it's a good opportunity to find out how different nupp patterns ideas will look in reality!


Tora said...

Seems like just the right season for knitting something like that. Lovely photos, and I really like the nupps!

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful so far! Makes me want to work on my baby shawl even more - but can't due to a sudden case of pregnancy carpel tunnel syndrome... keep posting pictures! Maybe it will convince the baby to finally arrive and I can get my knitting accomplished :)

Anonymous said...

Your decision to turn your mistake into a design element is exactly what Elizabeth Zimmermann would have done. And rightly so. It is beautiful. AND your photos are gorgeous. What an eye you have for beauty.

strikkeentusiasten said...

Kom tilfældigt forbi din dejlige og inspirerende blog og her må jeg da læse med.

Det er imponerende flotte ting du laver !!

Rigtig god søndag.

Pinneguri said...

Ja, ingen overraskende kommentar fra meg heller, jeg er også enig i alt som er sagt, dette er et designelement. Ingen går rundt med oppskriften og sjekker om du har strikket dine nupper rett.
Og så er jeg takknemlig for at selv du - selv DU - gjør feil som du ikke retter opp. Verden vil stå til påske ... Så da passer jeg på å takke for det gamle året og ønske deg et riktig godt nytt år, vi ses ♥

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos!!