Thursday, 10 December 2009

Sooner or later

What did I tell you in my previous post, I do finish most things sooner or later - in this case sooner!

It's annoying how I can't get the colour right in photos; it's a beautiful shade of light brown in reality, not grey. Here's a photo that does it justice.

This yarn, BC Lucca, is really lovely to work with and the knitted fabric is soft, light and warm. However, there's something important about it: the sweater grew when washed and blocked. I've been lucky, because I thought it would be too small for me and thought of others I could give it too, but now it turns out to be my size after all! Good thing I didn't give anyone false hopes.

I should add that I had already started with the sleeves when I uploaded the photo in the previous post, but simply chose my best photo of the project.


Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful. Really like the neckband and of course, the lovely arrowhead cable. I remember someone telling me that a sweater with cables was in reality just ribbing and you could block it to any size you want. Maybe that is why it grew. Thankfully it did. Very impressive.
Ron in Mexico

Sanna T Sköld said...

Perfect!!! My style!!!

Yarndude said...

It looks fantastic, and I love that collar! I can't believe how quickly you can knit sweaters...

Asplund said...

Thank you, all!

Ron: I think you're right it makes a difference it's cabled; I've noticed it too how cabled garments stretch and is easier to shape. (And easier to keep wearing even if you gain weight the way I did after I quit smoking!)
I do believe it's the yarn too, though, because the areas in reverse stocking stitch grew too, and the whole sweater got "looser" somehow.

Sanna: två själar, en tanke!

Yarndude: I tested that collar once before (the sweater I call "Karl" on Ravelry)and liked it so much I thought it was high time to do it again, especially since I thought it would go well with the rest of the sweater.
In this case thicker yarn and needles made an enormous difference when it comes to speed. Also, I do seem to manage more stitches/minute when it's a big project for some reason.

Kerry said...

Your sweater is beautiful, such an interesting pattern and I love the collar. Did you invent it or is there a pattern available somewhere?

Asplund said...

Thanks, Kerry! I didn't really invent it, but unfortunately don't know any pattern for it. You see, I saw a similar collar in a photo once and liked the idea so much I thought I'd try it when I knitted my "Karl" sweater (on Ravelry) a few years ago.
I improvised (trusting luck and common sense) but this is basically it:
Extra stitches cast on; knitted back and forth with short rows; all stitches cast off; extra stitches sewn in place behind.