Sunday 13 December 2009

"Everyone must be kind at Christmas.

Originally uploaded by Asplund

Those who are capable of it, that is."

I borrowed this lovely magnet from a friend to Christmasize the photo.

This is going to be a pair of cuffs; I'm testing a couple of patterns from sweaters in Design Idol Marianne Isager's delicious book Classic Knits. My plan is to reverse the colours in the second cuff.


Mel said...

I need to find that magnet for a coworker! Not my Swedish colleague, though - I wonder if there's an English version somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting pattern. Are you carrying the green wool up three rounds? Great magnet. I think we all know someone who could use it.
Ron in Mexico

Asplund said...

Let's hope there is one, Mel! Or perhaps you can order one somewhere?

Ron: the green wool is carried up four rounds. I tested three too, but then the shapes became much more rectangular, like bricks. Wouldn't that make a great pattern with brick-red wool, come to think of it? To frame a grey sweater, for example.