Monday, 14 December 2009

Hardly a perfect match

Originally uploaded by Asplund

Isn't it strange and fascinating how different a pattern can turn out if you simply reverse the colours? I thought it would be fun to test and that the pair would match anyway.

It was indeed fun, but I don't think they match. I did think the colours might look slightly different, but didn't expect the pattern to look so hard/sharp (can't think of a better word) in the cuff to the left. Perhaps I could have figured it out, since stitch definitions are so much more visible in light colours and the dark background would show through the big "v" stitches.

Fortunately, there seems to be enough yarn left to make two more, but I'll start with my favourite (the one to the right) to be on the safe side.


Marias garnhändelser said...

Börjar man testa med färger kan man bara inte sluta...spännande och oväntade saker händer ...bra exempel:-)

Asplund said...

Ja, tala om oväntad kasslereffekt till vänster - vilken tur att bottenfärgen åtminstone inte är rosa!

Skämt åsido, visst är det egentligen konstigt att man alls kan bestämma sig med tanke på att kombinationsmöjligheterna är oändliga! Fast just det är ju också en del av tjusningen med mönsterstickning.

Anonymous said...

I like the one one the right as well. However, it is like one of those optical illusions which ask, "Which line is longer?". They certainly look as if they are different sizes and even patterns. And thanks for the SArah Vaughan.
Ron in Mexico

Asplund said...

You're welcome! What a treat it is finding my idols on the internet. I've been a Sarah Vaughan fan for 15-20 years, but it's only the past few years that I've been able to see her in action. How is it possible to make singing like that both sound and look so effortless?

=Tamar said...

They are color-coordinated, and they would go together, but they don't match because they're not identical. To me, the problem isn't just the green showing through the slipped white stitches, it's also the way the white scallops fail to make as strong a visual impression as the green ones do.

KiwiJames said...

It kind of looks like bi-tone honeycomb... colour reversals always intrigue me with that stitch as well.

Merry Christmas from the Southern Hemisphere!

Asplund said...

Merry Christmas to you too, James!