Monday, 7 December 2009

The more, the merrier

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In my previous post I forgot to mention that Maria also awarded me a hank of her beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn. Thank you!

It seems like a good yarn for twined knitting; I'm making a swatch that probably will turn into a hat. Or something else.

I am happy to say that a few years ago I stopped having qualms about starting new projects before finishing what I'm already working on. I do finish almost everything eventually; why not simply allow myself to knit whatever I'm in the mood to make, especially since I want to knit for the joy of knitting?

It's similar with books: I'm usually in the middle of several ones of different kinds, so I can pick whatever suits me at the moment.

Here's yet another project I've added to my collection of works in progress, a sweater to be. This is my all-time favourite cable pattern, "Arrowhead Cable" in Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches by Anne Matthews. I've knitted it several times before, and I just don't get tired of it, neither knitting it nor looking at it. The yarn is BC Lucca, a joy to work with.


torirot said...

I totally agree with you about the number of wip's - it's supposed to be fun, isn't it? (Having said that, I hope you will finish your fair isle jacket soon..)

And the cable pattern is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You have your twined sweater, your Fair Isle jacket, this sweater ... but then who's counting. I am pleased to know that you find knitting fun - as I do. What a chore to think you have to finish something that you are not in the mood for. I agree with you about the Arrowhead Cable. It is charming.
Ron who returned to Mexico today.

Marias garnhändelser said...

Ser fram emot att se swatchen i sockgarnet:-)

MaryjoO said...

the arrowhead cable is SO beautiful!