Saturday 24 October 2009

Twined sweater: reknitted rows

WIP: Twined sweater
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It was a good decision to rip out and reknit part of this project. It has taken almost a week to catch up, but I like the way it looks a lot better now.

I'm not sure how to continue, though. There's no lack of ideas, it's rather a matter of choosing the right one; even if I don't mind ripping out and reknitting I'd rather not if it can be avoided...

The best thing is probably to let it rest for a while and work with some other projects. There's no lack of works in progress either.

Or lack of yarn, for that matter: I just went through my stash (well, part of it) and discovered a couple of skeins identical to some yarn I found too beautiful to resist the other day, especially since I was sure I had never seen those shades before. It seems I'm even better at fooling myself than I thought, which is a bit worrying. Or promising!


Yarndude said...

Your sweater looks awesome!

torirot said...

Looking forward to seeing how this progresses! I read about twined knitting somewhere a while ago, and decided I didn't have the pacience. But I might change my mind one day...

Anonymous said...

You're making wonderful progress. AND you really should write a book. BTW decades ago I taught in a pulp and paper community in Northern Ontario and worked along side a wonderful lady called Betty Asplund who was married to the Lutheran minister. She, too, was a knitter and all her students would get such lovely hats at Christmas.
Ron in Mexico

Asplund said...

Thank you, all!

Ron, who knows if Betty Asplund and I are relatives - if so probably distant, but you never know. Many Swedes have immigrated across the pond, and Asplund has been in the family since the mid-1700s. (There are other families with the same name too, of course.)

A book... I confess it's something I like daydreaming about - which at least is a good start although not very tangible!