Sunday 18 October 2009

WIP: Twined sweater

WIP: Twined sweater
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Moving from border to body I kept the number of stitches but changed needles from 2½ to 3 mm (US 1½ & 2½) and let the lines of the border pattern continue and form new patterns. I like it when different pattern sections blend.

What I didn't quite like was the main pattern I had come up with. Some details looked far better on paper and in my imagination than they did in reality, so I ripped out 15 rows – more than 6,000 stitches... It's annoying, but not nearly as annoying as seeing things in a finished sweater that I was too lazy to change.

I'm happy with how it looks in this photo, which I took after picking up the stitches again.


torirot said...

Hvilken tålmodighetsprøve! Jeg er imponert!!

EvaL8 said...

Instämmer i tidigare kommentar. Vilket enormt jobb att tvåändssticka en hel tröja. Det är ju inte den första. Snyggt!

Yarndude said...

Lookin' good!

Asplund said...

Tack, torirot & EvaL8! Egentligen ser jag det inte så mycket som tålamod om jag ska vara ärlig - snarare som att det roliga räcker så mycket längre! Och så tycker jag om att ha mycket yta till mönsteridéer.

Thanks, Yarndude!

Anonymous said...

The pattern is lovely. I can't imagine ripping back 6,000 stitches. However, good for you. It must be a satisfying knit. Was twined knitting traditionally used for sweaters? or just for mittens?
Ron in Mexico

Asplund said...

Thanks, Ron! Yes, this knit is very satisfying and rewarding. And exciting! I've got new pattern ideas forming in my imagination, but I don't see them clearly enough to describe them yet. (Does that sounds psychedelic? Well, I guess I get high on knitting.)

Now to your question! Traditionally, twined knitting has been used primarily for mittens and socks, but also for parts of sweaters. Also, there are old jackets preserved that have twined sleeves (red with black stars etc) but otherwise made of woven woollen fabric.

I've been toying with that idea, but I don't like sewing at all - I'd much rather knit a whole sweater!

Ulla V. said...

Du er altså imponerende...din Twined Sweater minder mig om en sweater jeg strikkede da jeg var yngre (18). Blot var jeg ikke så teknisk dygtig som du er. Desværre endte (yndlings)sweateren på det forkerte vaskeprogram, da jeg selv skulle forsøge at vaske den, og resultatet var en hårdt filtet sag. ;))

Forøvrigt så jeg i dag i det danske blad "Hendes Verden" et link til din blog. :))

Asplund said...

Nu fick jag en riktig kick - en länk i en dansk tidskrift! Tack för att du berättar det för mig!

Så synd med din tröja. Hann du fotografera den?

ylva said...

OHH! Imponerande och vackert, själv gör jag trevande försök med mina första vantar....

Asplund said...

Tack, ylva! Visst är det en rolig teknik även om den är tidskrävande?

Anonymous said...


I'm new to knitting, so I don't know what twined knitting is, but I love what you've done with it. What is twined knitting?


Asplund said...

Thanks, Rob!
It's an old Scandinavian technique where you knit with two strands and twist them between each stitch. This makes it thick and dense, not very elastic.

There's a link to a blog with some photos of how it works in another of my posts, the one called "Twined knitting: right and wrong sides."