Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A vest for a vest: finished

A vest for a vest
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I envy my fingers – unlike me they remember things so well! Once I got started with the pattern it was almost like typing, and a favourite movie helped making this a quick knit: Woody Allen's Match Point is so compelling (even the the third time) I knitted faster than usual.

Short notes about the construction:

1. Knitted in one piece until I reached the armholes, then divided into three sections.
2. Armholes shaped using short rows.
3. Back and front joined using a three-needle bind-off and knitting a neck gusset (which I learnt from Alice Starmore's Fishermen's Sweaters). Picture here.
4. Stitches picked up around the armholes for a garter-stitch edging.
5. I picked up stitches along front; then knitted gusset stitches, back stitches and gusset stitches; then picked up stitches along other front. All stitches knitted back and forth for garter stitch edging.

My mother seems pleased with how her new vest turned out!


Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful. The lace pattern is so pretty. I am going to look up the neck gusset in Starmore's book. What does it do for the sweater?

Yarndude said...

You knit this so quickly, I can't believe it!

Asplund said...

I think neck gussets help making sweaters more comfortable: you get a little bit of sloping and also some extra elasticity if it's a sweater you pull over your head.

Once or twice I've even saved a sweater when I hadn't shaped the neck deep enough by redoing the shoulder joins with gussets.

Yarndude: To tell you the truth I can barely believe it myself!

Asplundare said...

Ögnade bara elin-likt genom texten, men jag fann en sär skrivning min sann!
Antar jag, eller nu vet jag inte alls. Det är väl jag som inte kan knittingkoden kanske..
" Maskor plockade upp runt ärmhål för ett strumpeband stygn bården".

Asplund said...

Det ser ut som en översättning (ord för ord) av följande mening i inlägget: "Stitches picked up around the armholes for a garter-stitch edging." Har du automatisk översättning till svenska på?