Friday, 21 August 2009

Way off topic

but I love this photo of my dear grandfather in the 1920s. I wish I knew what the occasion was!


katarinaw said...

Lovely photo! And I can see a clear resemblance! ;)

Asplund said...

Perhaps I can wear something similar next time I see you? Knitting needles instead of a gun, though!

Tallguy said...

Very handsome man! I see where you got your good looks.

I do wish people would label and identify photos. That would make it so much easier for us descendants to know what was going on at that time! I have a collection of family photos with no explanation of who, where, when or why. Frustrating!

LOL - verification word is "hisms"

Asplund said...

Thank you! I agree, it's so frustrating when you don't know anything or next to nothing about people in family photos.