Sunday, 30 August 2009

Knitting party

Yesterday there was a knitting party ("Stickfest") in Linköping, Sweden, with workshops, shows, lectures etc. A fabulous day! One of the museums has a knitting exhibition; it will last until 13 September and shouldn't be missed.

I wish I could post photos, but at least I can provide a link to more information about the museum (in Swedish): here.

To me, the best part of the exhibition – and the whole day – was the room filled with Britt-Marie Christofferson's designs. At long last I got to see them! Her show Stickning – ett hantverk att utveckla (Knitting – a craft to develop) and I have been travelling to different places, but finally our paths crossed. What's more, she was there too, so I even got to a chance to talk to her. She's such a clever, imaginative and innovative designer – I admire her tremendously. Her new book will be out soon, an item I really look forward to adding to my collection!


Anonymous said...

Those mittens are delicious!!! My favourite thing to knit. What a lucky man you are to be able to take in such a wonderful exhibition.
Ron in Mexico

Yarndude said...

That looks like a very cool place, wish I could visit!

Asplund said...

Oh, it was a fabulous exhibition - might have to go back before it closes!

Cecilia Levy said...

den där baddräkten vill jag ha - fast i en annan färg, jag klär icke i gult. fin utställning!