Saturday, 11 April 2015

Good Friday

was Best Possible Friday. I sat indoors all day with yet another sweater project - that's what terrible weather is for. About a year ago I bought some wonderful wool at Wålstedts, different shades of green and brown, and all of a sudden I knew exactly how I wanted to use it: a top-down sweater with buttons. A kind of top-down green and brown period?

Knitting top-down is perfect as I want to use as much green wool as possible for the yoke and gradually make it browner. Brioche stitch would be nice, but I don't think there's enough for a whole sweater. Fortunately, there's half-brioche stitch (slipping the purl stitches with a yarnover every second row instead of every row) which doesn't devour as much yarn.

Even better than finding the right use for the wool is finding a woolly home for five buttons my mother gave me a few years ago.

Wearing it I might resemble one of John Bauer's (1882-1918) trolls, which I don't mind at all. Here's one of his illustrations for a childhood favourite fairy tale.


ron in mexico said...

Lovely choice of colours and I can picture the sweater in half brioche (I just finished a swatch with that stitch). I am wondering how you will tackle the increases if you are doing a raglan top down.
Ron in Mexico

knitbrei said...

Is the placket sewn on or knitted as you go - I haven't tried brioche enough to know how the row gauge works.
Andrew H
(don't wear it when crossing Lake Vättern !)