Thursday, 2 April 2015

Adding some collar (horrible pun, but couldn't resist)

As mentioned, I did have a few metres left of the greenish-brown-with-confetti tweed after I finished the sweater. Wearing it I thought the collar was slightly too wide and low, so I decided to use my leftovers to pick up stitches and see if there was enough for an extra welt with thinner needles. There was! I'm not sure how well shows in the photo, but there's quite a difference between before and after blocking.

It was quite a thriller. Here's what's left of the wool now:
Don't spend it all at once.

Thanks for your comments!

Karon asked whether the design is my own and if there's a pattern available. It is my own, but I improvised (with some calculation involved) so I'm afraid there's no pattern.
Ron asked how the body and sleeves are finished: I cast off knitting I-cords, which worked well.
Christine: perhaps the Easter bunny will bring me some pearls!

Happy Easter, everyone! Thanks for the lovely daffodils, Barbara!


Carolina said...

Wow, that's cutting it close! I love it when I can use up all my yarn without actually running out but I've never come that close.

TotallyUniquebyDanielle said...

Got to love it when you manage to use every scrap of scrumptious yarn. And even better being able to do it with a tweak that suits you better! Looks lovely!