Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Thanks for your comments about my future job at HV! I've spent a few days twining and stitching like mad (even compared to my normal standards - whatever normal is) during a fabulous course at Dala-Floda Värdshus. Imagine the thrill I got not only looking at but also touching and examining

mitts from the 19th century:

and heaps (literally!) of jackets with twined sleeves from the same period:

not to mention getting to spend time with both old and new knitter friends.

After this orgy my mind is full of twined ideas, so I'm knitting lace patterns while I try to make my mind up where to start. This shawl is the same pattern as the white one in my previous post, but with two changes: it consists of two triangles instead of three, and there is a column with flowers in the middle.

My intention was to cast off here, but there is quite a lot of yarn (Viva from Wetterhoff) left, so I'm going to keep knitting for a few more rows to make a nice frame for the last flower.

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Hedvig said...

Tack själv för helgen som var! Och vilken tur att du tagit en närbild på de halvvantar jag tänkte prova mig på eftersom jag fotat allt ordentligt utom just de... ;)