Friday, 6 June 2014

Getting it right

I always find it rather tricky getting good photos of my finished projects (works in progress are often easier as they're smaller), especially shawls. Here are some photos of the shawl I finished late last night, each with advantages and disadvantages. (The shawl is for my friend Barbro. I'm seeing her on Monday - perhaps she will be my model. After all, knits look best when worn.)

On the ground: it doesn't lie flat, but the green background is nice and the pretty flowers go well with the lace pattern.
Daisy shawl

On a wall: the trellis made it easier to arrange the shawl, but it shows through. Perhaps it doesn't matter that much; it matches the lace grid. I love the honeysuckle to the left!

Trellis shawl

On a gate: the background is a bit of a mess, but I could get most of the shawl in the photo.

I'm happy with how the centre point turned out - see previous post.

As mentioned above, I finished it last night. I had returned home after an unforgettable concert with L'Arpeggiata, which opened this year's Stockholm Early Music Festival; I was so high on the music that I might as well stay up a couple of hours to knit the last rows, cast off, wash and block the shawl and think about the concert. They were all superb, but I was especially captivated by Vincenzo Capezzuto's singing.


Anonymous said...

Very, very lovely - shawl and photographs.

Ulla said...

Underbar sång och enastående vacker sång.

ron in mexico said...

All beautiful - shawl, photography, and link to the video. He has a new fan.
Ron in Mexico

Anonymous said...

Tack för två vackra upplevelser! din fina sjal och den underbara sången.
Hälsn. Agneta

Catja said...

Väldigt vackert! Gillar de små ''knopparna''.