Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Monsieur & Madame

A certain sign that spring is really here is that our feathered neighbours are allowed to roam the gardens freely.

I'm experimenting with a top-down cardigan using two strands of yarn. One is a wool-cotton blend and the other one is silk. This combination of fibres should make a nice summer cardigan!

The colour is so dark (darker than in the photos) I thought there wouldn't be much point in knitting lots of patterns, but a far better idea to bring out the beauty of the fibres with a lot of stocking stitch. Moss-stitch panels makes it more fun to knit, and the slightly elastic effect is an advantage if I don't get the size exactly right. Knitting it top-down is also a way to make it more interesting and challenging to knit.



Carolina said...

Napoleon looks like he is emperor of all he surveys!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a sunny Easter, Asplund! I adore the wildflowers in the grass. And your next creation looks as if it will be very special indeed.

ylva said...

What lovely names of the feathered neighbours!The yarn looks very nice what a deep blue it seems to bee.

fluffbuff said...

It wouldn't be spring without daffodils. I thought you would get them later in the season, given Sweden's latitude. Maybe I got the wrong ideas about Scandinavia. :)