Friday, 16 May 2014

The chef

Would you believe it, there's an article about my knitting in a Japanese knitting magazine! Not that I know for certain it's really about my knitting; I'll have to ask one of my Japanese knitter friends to read the text and tell me what it says. Well, it's hardly about cooking or exercising.

Speaking of cooking, here's a kitchen situation where I feel completely comfortable and in control:
Basic recipe:
  • Cook gently in lukewarm water. 
  • Stir, don't shake.
  • Don't rinse before but several times after it's done.

Ta-da! And not a single calorie to burn.


sticka går ju said...

Visa mer ur tidningen! Nu!

dqpage said...

Hvor cool - at blive omtalt helt i Japan :o)

Asplund said...

Skulle gärna visa mer, men är osäker på jag får med tanke på copyright. Det står säkert på någon sida, men var och i så fall vad har jag inte den blekaste aning om ;)

ylva said...

Respekt! Vad kul , skulle vara roligt att veta vad det står , hur man skriver om hantverk i Japan .

Anonymous said...

Way cool! And gorgeous shawl, too.

Carolina said...

Congratulations on your fame in Japan! Why is the yarn in the pot? Did you dye it somehow? The shawl is lovely.

ron in mexico said...

Why shouldn't you be famous in Japan? That's great. Your shawl in beautiful. And I am sure that knitting all those nupps did burn a few calories.
Ron in Mexico

Francesca said...

Beautiful shawl. And congratulations on being in Keito Dama!

Anonymous said...

That's great! You deserve it.