Sunday 2 March 2014

Monk no 2: collar

Monk no 2: collar by Asplund
Monk no 2: collar, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
Here's a project (based on Marianne Isager's The Monk) recently excavated from my Basket of Uncertainties. It's been there for more than a year after I realized my collar idea wouldn't work: the neck opening is neither deep nor wide enough for the kind of overlapping shawl collar I had in mind.

original idea

I didn't want to pick up stitches to knit the sleeves in case I'd decide to rip and reknit the front, and that's where I left it. Well, it's funny how a simple solutiona can take more than a year: I'll fold it in half instead. No overlapping, but it looks fine and the opening is big enough - and there will be no ripping or reknitting.

solution - I hope

Teaching twined knitting is a great way to spend a Sunday! At one point they all looked so serious concentrating on mastering the technique that I couldn't help joking with them, saying a photo of them right then wouldn't attract many people to my workshops - which made one of the participants say yes, they probably looked like Judge Robert Rosenberg!


Anonymous said...

Basket of Uncertainties - ha ha! I think I should call my mending basket that. My least favourite chore, and the basket slowly fills up higher... I might do the mending more readily if it had an amusing name.

How good that leaving your project to simmer for a while helped you to see a solution.

And I can just imagine the frowns of concentration in your class!

Carolina said...

How about the closet of procrastination?