Thursday, 6 March 2014

In a finishing mood

Camel cardigan by Asplund
Camel cardigan, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
I'm in a finishing mood, to the extent that I've even sewn seven buttons. (I appreciate Gwen Raverat's words "sewing was downright wicked slavery" in her adorable book Period Piece. A Cambridge Childhood.) The brioche cardigan had actually been finished for more than a week before I got around to it, even though I'd already found the perfect buttons... They're made of marble and I think they look fabulous with the wool. Their size was exactly right for the buttonholes too!

Some time ago I wrote a post about the shoulder straps: here's how they turned out:

I've finished the Monk no 2 sweater as well. Not that Marianne Isager's name "Monk" is very suitable anymore as I didn't keep the hood.

Also, I've made up my mind about the collar for my double-knitted jacket/cardigan. I've tried various ideas: I wanted something different from the main pattern and tried both triangles and stripes but wasn't satisfied. Then I suddenly thought I'd keep the small squares but use them into lego-like brick shapes. Of all the things I love about knitting, I think I like solving difficulties best.


sticka går ju said...

Så fina de blev! Den gröna kragen ser verkligen ut att pryda sin plats! Hur mycket kamel gick det åt? Jag har lite kamelgarn i gömmorna...

Anonymous said...

All three look wonderful. The little squares in the doubleknit collar are particularly inspired.
-- stashdragon

Asplund said...

Thank you both!

Ca 5 hekto gick åt till koftan, förvånansvärt lite med tanke på hur mycket garn patentstickning slukar!